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 About the Application  

  The Windermere Leadership Program offers active, involved, community-minded students in Grades 8 through 12 a unique opportunity to combine academic, outdoor, community and leadership learning. Visit for more detailed information about the program.

Outdoor education is a core component of the leadership program. Camp equipment is supplied to all students. An annual outdoor education fee of $35 is applied in September for equipment repair and replacement.

In addition to the application, you must attach copies of your Grade 6 and 7 Report Cards, including Teacher Comments (if available). File submission is at the end of this application form. Please have it ready to upload.

Please fill out the application below. (We recommend copying the questions onto a separate word document, and then copying your answers into this form when you're ready to submit). THERE IS NO SAVING of this application, so it must be completed all in one seating. Here are the long answer questions you will be asked on the last page:

1) Tell us what you are interested and involved in, in your school and community. (250 words max)

2) Tell us more about one of the activities you listed above by explaining what your goals were, the role you played, and what you learned in the process. (250 words max)

3) Tell us about your involvement with sustainability and/or social justice issues. If you don’t have any, then tell us what sustainability and/or social causes you would be interested in being involved with. (250 words max)

4) Tell us about an experience, in school or out, that taught you something about yourself and/or the world around you (250 words max)

Note: Leadership does not consider the DSAP test in our application process; students must only register for the DSAP test (in addition to this application) if they are applying to other mini-school programs as well. Students applying for Leadership ONLY do not have to register for the test.

If you have any questions about this form or the application process, please contact: Petra Rempel (